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Our rat blockers are of the highest quality, used by commercial drainage companies.

What size are our rat blockers?

Our rat blockers are 4 inch (100mm) which is the standard size for a domestic drain in the UK.

What are our rat blockers made of?

Our rat blockers are made from high grade stainless steel.

Two serrated flaps

Having two serrated flaps gives that extra level of securty to prevent rodent access.

How much does a rat blocker cost?

Our high quality, stainless steel, double flap rat blockers cost only £75.00.

Where can I buy the rat blockers?

Our rat blockers are available to purchase securely from our pages on ebay and amazon.

Buy your Rat Stopper rat blocker on ebay

Buy your Rat Stopper rat blocker on amazon

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If you have any questions at all regarding anything to do with our rat blockers or rodent valves, please call our office on 0800 4488 650 or email info@ratstopper.co.uk today for friendly advice.