The most frequently asked questions we receive from customers about rat blockers.

What is the difference between a rat blocker and a rodent valve?

There are several names: rat blocker, rodent valve, rat stopper, rat guard, rat wall, rat valve, non-return rodent valve and rodent barrier, for what is essentially the same thing. They all let the rats leave your property and prevent them from getting back in again.

Does the rat blocker harm the rat at all?

No, the rat blocker is completely humane. The rats simply leave your home through the rat blocker and go about their business, but on their return, they find that they can not get back in. The rats will be a bit annoyed, but will just look for alternative accommmodation.

Why does the rat blocker have two flaps?

The rat blocker has two serrated flaps, suspended independently of each other, allowing the waste to leave, but preventing rats from entering into the properties drainage system. The two flap version was so successful, that our single flap rat blocker was discontinued.

Will the rat blocker completely solve my rat problem?

The rat blockers will prevent rats entering your property through that particular drain route. However the rodents might be entering your property through different ways.

Which of the big drain companies use your rat blockers?

The big drainage companies buy a lot of our rat blockers. However, they don't want their customers to know that they buy them for £75, but charge up to £300 to install them.

Do you sell 6" rat blockers?

Not at present. We are currently testing a 6" rat blocker, but it is not yet ready for sale.

Are rat blockers easy to install?

The installation is itself very simple, taking only a couple of minutes. However manhole covers can be heavy and some need specialist lifting keys. You may be unsure about which way the drain flows or you might not be very keen on working in the manhole.

Stop rats entering your property
If you have any questions at all regarding anything to do with our rat blockers or rodent valves, please call our office on 0800 4488 650 or email today for friendly advice.