Installing a rat blocker at your property is quite straightforward. The two important things to consider are installing them in the right drain run and in the correct flow direction.

  • Install the rat blocker nearest to the boundary of the property or if you are aware of a drain collapse install it between the collapse and the property.
  • Make sure that the rat blocker is pointing downstream and if necessary swap the bolt over to the correct position. If installed the wrong way, the drain line will block.
  • Fit the rat blocker into the pipe making sure that both the serrated flaps still can move. Do please be careful with your fingers when touching the rat blocker flaps.
  • Some companies recommend using an installation pole. However most people find it just as easy by hand and it is much easier to check it is installed correctly

If you are not sure about installing the rat blocker yourself?

Manhole covers can be heavy and some need specialist lifting keys. You may be unsure about which way the drain flows. You might not be very keen on working in the manhole.

A local drainage company would be able to fit the rat blocker in no time. It will take a drain engineer longer to lift the manhole cover, than actually install the rat blocker.

Our rat blockers are the same ones that larger drain companies use, but they will want to charge a lot more for exactly the same thing. Tell them you have already bought one.

Stop rats entering your property
If you have any questions at all regarding anything to do with our rat blockers or rodent valves, please call our office on 0800 4488 650 or email today for friendly advice.