Do you have a problem with rats at your property?

If you are having problems with rats, then your drains are one of the most common ways for rats to access your property.
A rat blocker is the simplest, most effective way to prevent rodents entering your home from the sewer.

Stainless steel rat blocker

It is all so simple. The rat blocker (or rodent valve) is installed in the line from the public sewer to your property.
The rat can leave your property through the rat blocker, but the serrated flaps mean he can never return.

How much does a rat blocker cost?

A high quality stainless steel rat blocker, with double serrated flaps, costs only:


Discounts are available for large orders, please call for details.
DO NOT be tempted by cheaper plastic alternatives! Buy our rat blockers at the following sites:

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Why choose one of our rat blockers?

High Quality

Our rat blockers are made from stainless steel to a high standard. That is why drainage companies come to us for their rat blockers.

Easy to Install

All of our orders come with simple to follow installation instructions. It is a five minute job for someone who knows their way around their drains.


The clever design of our rat blocker, with its double serrated flaps, means the waste can still leave your home but the rodents can no longer get in.

If you have any questions at all regarding anything to do with our rat blockers or rodent valves, please call our office on 0800 4488 650 or email today for friendly advice.